Foretell is an omnichannel system for supporting and teaching next generations of farmers in Sweden. Foretell has three parts, a system, a camera and a user interface.


Haptic lock is a lock that only can be unlock with though learning a haptic pattern. The haptic combination needs to be solved during a set time. Other wise will the lock rest it self.

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Rémi token is the controller for the Rémi storyline that steps though and change the journey for children going though radiotherapy. The token is made to strengthen and give children a chance to influence their treatment journey.


“How can B&O systems continue to add value to the user experience inside cars in the future?” With BEO Journey – travel experience system, can you remember your journeys or catch a glimpse of an existing one.


Real illusion is a concept of a full-scale visualization tool for project collaboration over distance. With help from a pattern together with a Real illusion software can 3D files be seen in an augmented reality.


Airport navigation system for Swiss costumers.