Bringing gut feeling to farmers

Today’s farmers gut feeling and Fingerspitzenfühl comes from a learning by doing. By year 2025 farmers will have less know-how than today. Foretell supports the farmers in developing their gut feeling and lead more efficient farms. By visualizing data, the system provides a comprehensive overview of the farm, both in the tractor, the barn, at the field and in the office.

The transition from being a family driven farm to become an entrepreneur with an own company has resulted in that the farmers need to supervise the farm’s production but also have control of external conditions. Future farmers needs to quicker become experts. Through research and user studies the system Foretell have been created. Foretell connects the data available today and displays it where it’s needed and when it’s suitable. The mobile application shows information on the go. While the desktop version gives the user better planning tools. A new precision farming input is added in form of a near-infra-red camera that detects the plants health. With all pieces together Foretell is bringing gut feeling to farmers!


Project Master thesis in IxD

Collaboration Vitec AB

Time 17 weeks

Year 2014