Haptic lock

What if a lock only could be opened by haptic feedback. No more codes to remember or keys to find. The haptic lock is a concept of how that could work.

Background – During 4 days did we learn how to use the Motor and Music platform.

Teaching – The haptic lock will guide you through the locking sequence.

Unlocking – Within a time limit does the slider need to be move to it’s first position. When reached at its position you can feel a valley in the resistant of the slider. The valley will disappear as soon you have passed it and can not be found again. A new valley will appear at the second position. When it’s reached will the last and third valley appear. If you are to slow or miss one of the valleys will the lock reset itself. If you succeed to unlock the haptic lock a signal will be heard and the second slider will move back and open the box.


Team Doris Feurstein

Time 4 days learning, 1 day building

Tutors Jakob Bak and David Gauthier from CIID

Year 2013