Real illusion


Real illusion is a concept of a full-scale visualization tool for project collaboration over distance. With help from a pattern together with a Real illusion software can 3D files be seen in an augmented reality.


Time 40 hours

Info Personal project for Atlas Copco

Year 2013

How does it work 

Dan, an industrial designer situated in Nanjing in China, has made a new design for a Minetruck called MT42. He has some ideas about the handle on the driver’s door but wants to discuss it with his colleagues in Örebro, Sweden, by using the new software Real illusion. Dan sends his 3D file to Lisa, an experienced Minetruck-designer. Lisa loads the 3D file to her tablet and asks her assistant Cindy to help her. Cindy puts the Real illusion pattern on the floor in the studio and without disturbing their colleagues, can Lisa see the model in full scale on the tablet. Lisa tells Cindy to measure from the ground and can easily see that the handle on the door is placed a little bit too high. Lisa makes a quick change in the cad model on table, adds on note and sends away the file to Dan.