Guiding your treatment journey

Rémi helps the patients by going through the treatment process step by step via an interactive story along with a physical token which represents the patients. The storyline is a reanimation of what the children are about to go through in the hospital. The children can also customize parts of their treatment and change it from one day to another, so that they can feel prepared, in control and build the treatment journey together with their parents and staff.


Team Johan Grönskog, Desmond Wong

Collaboration Barncancerfonden

Time 10 weeks

Year 2013

Cancer and its treatment routine are highly disruptive toward the lives of young patients and their families. Our goal is to help the children and parents to feel more in control and be better prepared for the treatments in order to help bring a sense of normality in their new and unpredictable conditions.


We conducted patient journey through primary field research in three different Swedish hospitals. From our interaction with patients, families, and medical staffs, we gained insight to the disruptive nature of the diseases in the patients and the families’ lives. There is a need to help both to regain a sense of normality through combating unfamiliarities and uncertainties. Rémi is an information and preparation bridge between the hospital and home where the patients can gain familiarity of their new condition and treatment procedure from the comfort of their own home.